One Saturday Night

One Saturday Night...

I walked into my kitchen to make myself dinner. I went to the fridge and stared into it for what always felt like an eternity when trying to decide on what to eat. I finally gave up and closed the doors, hearing the cold air be pushed out with a loud whoosh. I looked through cabinets and finally settled on an orange out of the fruit basket on the kitchen counter. I peeled it as I walked back to the couch. I plopped down and turned on the TV. I hadn’t been feeling great so I’d decided to stay home this nice evening.

I flipped through the channels but nothing good seemed to be on. Nothing but reality crap. Repo men shows, Real Housewives of who the hell cares, and ghost hunting shows. I hated them more than anything. The terrible acting made me mad. And for a show that focuses around hunting ghosts, they never documented a single real thing. But then again, I was a teenager so I thought everything sucked.
I kept channel surfing until I finally found Comedy Central where I watched raunchy TV. The next thing I knew my eyes shot open. I must have fallen asleep. It was pitch black outside now. I had been awoken by hearing the front door slam. I figured my parents were home from their night out already. I muted the TV, leaned forward and stretched as I tried to get up from the couch. I was still in that sleepy/groggy after nap glow so I fell back and had to try again.

Once I was up I walked towards the front door hallway to see my mom and dad, but when I turned the corner, no one was there. A chill instantly ran down my back. I turned around and looked towards the kitchen, thinking maybe they had already walked past. No one. I walked upstairs and looked in their bedroom, nothing. I knew I heard that damn door slam. I started checking all the rooms, my pace and heartbeat both gaining speed as I progressed throughout the seemingly empty home.
I went back downstairs and looked outside the front door. The front yard was deserted, and my parents’ car wasn’t in the driveway.

I shut the door and locked it. And put the chain on the latch as well, just to be safe. I backed up slowly but still watching the door, almost thinking that I was going to see it open by itself. I made back to the living room. Then from the kitchen to my left I heard a noise that broke the eerie silence of the room.
“Hey big bro!” a voice echoed through the room. I stumbled back falling over the back of the couch. I quickly got back to my feet and looked towards the kitchen and standing behind the middle island was my younger sister Samii. I clutched at my chest. That was the worst scare I had ever had.
“Samii! What the hell, how’d you get in here?” I asked, looking around, making sure there wasn’t anyone else in the room with us. “I thought you were supposed to be a party tonight.”

“I used the front door Doofus, and I didn’t make it to the party.” Samii said, adjusting the red hairband she had on. I walked into the kitchen, still trying to catch my breath. “What do you mean didn’t make it?” I asked pulling a bottle of water out of the fridge. Samii turned towards me, causing the red hairband to fall forward again. She pulls it back into place. “I mean my ride never showed up at the mall so I would have had to walk all the way there. There’s no way I’d make it. So I just came home instead.”

I sipped from the water bottle slowly and calmed down. “You almost gave me a heart attack. I heard the door slam and then I didn’t see anyone.” I walked back over to the couch and sat back down. I unmuted the TV and sipped from the water again. Samii walked over, leaped over the back of the couch and landed next to me, scaring me yet again. The two of us sat there for a moment in silence.

“I’m bored. Oh! Board! Let’s play a board game!” Samii finally said.

“No, I’m good” I answered not even looking at her. “I’m not exactly in the mood right now”. Samii looked at me with her wide eyes that she still thought worked on me, “Come on, please! We never play games anymore”

“I said I’m not in the-” I was cut off by another slam coming from the front door. I shot off of the couch to my feet. Samii stood up behind me. “What the hell was that?” I said under my breath. I stepped forward towards the hall. Once I had view of the door, my heart skipped a beat.

The door was wide open.

I locked it. I know I locked it. Samii walked up behind me. “I double locked that door 3 minutes ago.” I said quietly again. “Oh my god, is it a burglar?” Samii stood behind me wrapping her arms around my waist. I could feel her shaking with fear. “The chain would be broken if someone kicked it in, so would the deadbolt.” I looked at the door and the chain was not only fine but hooked to the other side, and the door frame was still intact.

“You don’t think it’s… you know a… a gh-” Samii tried to say but I cut her off. “Stop. I refuse to believe that. There’s absolutely no way.” I took her arms off of my waist and walked towards the door. Samii backed around the corner and poked her head out to watch me.

I slowly approached the open doorway. As soon as my hand was in reach of the door I shut it quickly and locked it again, making sure the deadbolt was all the way over and I tested it, making sure it didn’t budge. I didn’t bother with the chain.

I turned around and looked at Samii, peeking around the corner. “I must not have latched the door all the way," I said, starting walking back towards her.

I took a couple steps before hearing a loud click. I stopped dead and looked at Samii, who was staring at the door intensely. Slowly, I turned and saw the door slowly swinging open. I closed my eyes, not believing what they were telling me. I opened them and saw the door was still open. I took a step forward and started to reach my hand out towards the knob.


The door swung back shut before I could even reach the damned knob. I stumbled back again and Samii let out a scream. I ran back to her and we went into the living room. Only it was trashed. The couch was overturned. The TV had nothing but snow on it, and my water bottled was embedded in the drywall.

“This is not happening.” I whispered. Then we heard cracking noises behind us. We spun around and all the cabinets in the kitchen were swinging open and slamming shut, making that noise that happens when you hit two pieces of lumber together. The couch slid forward towards us, taking the two of us off our feet and dropping us to the ground.

Samii got to her feet quick and helped me up. We ran upstairs as fast as we could. We darted in my room, shutting the door behind us. I stayed against the door, thinking it might try and open. Samii ran over and sat on the edge of my bed, her headband falling down again.

“What the hell is going on down there.” I said, still pressing against the door. Samii positioned her headband and stood up. “You know exactly what it is, you just won’t admit it!” she said. “Oh will you stop!” I snapped at her, “it’s probably just like an earthquake going on or something”

Then it felt like something rammed against the door. I was pushed back a little but still held on to the knob. I pushed against the door again and I could feel something just pounding against the door. There was no denying it anymore, something was in the house. I built up the nerve and threw my door open.


I looked down the hall on both sides.

Fucking nothing.

I inhaled deeply as I felt a rage burning inside me. I looked down the halls again. “Knock this crap off!”

I yelled out my doorway.

“We’ve had enough!” and I slammed the door again. I turned toward Samii, who was standing in front of the bed. In my peripherals, I saw something moving on my nightstand. I looked and saw this big picture frame I had jiggling on the table. Then in an instant it flew of the table and smashed against Samii’s face. She fell back onto my bed. I rushed forward to make sure she was okay. She was already bleeding very badly and had pieces of glass stuck in her cheek. I didn’t take them out to ensure she wouldn’t start bleeding even more. She cried out in pain and I held her in my arms. Other things in the room started to move around. I picked up my sister and opened the door and tried to make my way down the hall. Pictures flew off the wall all around us as I made my way towards the master bedroom. I got the two of us inside and closed the door, then walked over and got inside the closet, Samii still in my arms.

I got down to my knees and looked at Samii, her face now almost covered in blood. My eyes filled with tears as I looked at her. She cringed and twisted in pain, trying to reach for the shards still embedded in her face.

I held her hands down to keep her from pulling them out. “It’s okay” I said, tears running down my cheek, “We’ll be okay if we just stay in here and keep quiet”. She wiggled in pain, her face on fire from the glass. She looked up at me. “James…” she whispered to me, “I’m going to miss you.” I looked at her puzzled. Then Samii was ripped out of my arms, through the closet doors, across the room and against the wall. She fell to the floor. I stood up and ran to her as fast as I could. I stopped dead when I saw her. A piece of wood from the closet door stuck out her stomach. Her leg was twisted sideways on the ground. Her hairband in front of her eyes, causing her hair to go everywhere.

I covered my mouth as tears continued to flow. I ran over and tried to take her into my arms. I moved the hairband up and saw the vacant look in her eyes. Her skin felt cold to touch and she was pale. I squeezed her close and looked up to the ceiling.

“Please," I said, “I’ll do anything you want… Just bring her back.”

The whole room started to shake. Things flew all around us. I quickly picked her up again. I carried her out of the room and ran down the hall and down the stairs. Everything in the house was being thrown around, and I knew I needed to get out of there now. I opened the front door and quickly walked outside to the front porch. I laid Samii down in the grass and stepped back from her. I could hear nothing but crashing coming from inside of the house.

As I looked down at my sister, I felt a twitch in my leg, which I soon realized was my phone vibrating. I pulled it out and saw that my mom was calling. How could I explain this? I slowly slid my thumb across the screen. I placed the phone to my ear, but didn’t say anything.

“James?” my mom said, “James, are you there?”

“Yeah mom… I’m here”.

I turned away from the house, the noise coming from inside made it hard to hear.

“James, there’s been an accident. We’re… we’re at the hospital right now. James… your sister was hit by a car. She didn’t make it”

I couldn’t speak. What the hell was she talking about? Samii was right behind me, not in some hospital. Her blood was on my shirt right now. I turned to look at her.

Only she was gone.

Everything went silent. But then I heard my mom’s voice. But I didn’t hear anything from inside the house. I walked towards the door. My mom was saying something about other people being dead from the crash, but I wasn’t really listening. I walked into the house and went down the hall towards the living room. It was all normal again. Comedy Central was on TV. My water was on the table. I looked down. My shirt was clean. I didn’t understand. Then I thought about one of the first things that Samii had said to me tonight.

“I didn’t make it to the party.”

“What do you mean didn’t make it?”

“I mean my ride never showed up at the mall so I would have had to walk all the way there. There’s no way I’d make it.”

In that moment I accepted two things, my sister was dead, and ghosts most definitely exist.

-Brad Blackwell

Brad Blackwell is 19 years old and has been writing for 7 years. He wrote, directed and produced two plays while in high school, and in 2014, he published the first of his horror novel series, The Curtain Call Chronicles. When he is not writing horror stories, he is working on his web-comic strip, Before & After.