Horror's Best Book to Film Adaptations Part 11 - by T.C. McKeever

Let’s hear it for the boys, the five greatest monsters ever created. Frankenstein’s Monster, The Wolfman, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Mummy, and we can’t forget the enigmatic Dracula. These iconic monsters have been torn from the pages of their respective novels and adapted, rebooted, reimagined, and recreated into hundreds of mediums

This section of The Best Horror Novel adaptions concentrates on films inspired by these monsters and their original literary works. What’s fascinating about these creatures is that their literary worlds are so in-depth and rich that they can realistically be used as source material to pop out a couple of movies each every year. SERIES II HERE. SERIES III COMING SOON!!

Horror's Best Book to Film Adaptations Part 1 - by T.C. McKeever

"What makes an adaptation great? 

Over the years many novels have been adapted into movies. There’s the greats like Stephen King’s The Green Mile, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and Brett Easton Ellis’ Less Than Zero. But for every great adaptation there’s hundred subpar recreations that are faithless to the parent work, poorly executed, and hastily cast in a weak attempt to wring a couple more millions of dollars out of a successful and proactive storyline. In the case of horror, there seems to be more bad adaptations than good.  Thankfully, there are some novels that make it to the screen that not only exceed expectations but manage to transcend their pages and capture their audiences in new medium. 

What follows are the best horror novel film adaptions according to a nerd who spends equal time reading as watching horror. I’ve decided the split this list into four parts so I can give ample analysis and time to each of the novel/films I’ve selected. These films aren’t ranked in any particular order but are all completely worth both a watch and a read. 

The novel-films on this list were judged by three main categories: faithfulness to the work, characterization, and overall execution of the adaptation."  SERIES I HERE!!! SERIES II COMING SOON!!

Best of 2014 - by Leo Francis

Well, with 2014 is drawing to a close, it's a good time to look back over the last twelve months and remember all of the amazing films I've had the opportunity to enjoy. And while this is a horror site, and this is a 'Best of Horror Films' list, the genre of horror doesn't have to be so short-sighted. Because a film doesn't necessarily have to be classified as a horror film to shock or disturb you. A movie doesn't have to have a ghost or supernatural killer to be scary, so why not be open-minded? Why not embrace it all? So I did. And in fact, I would argue that the content of each of these films could easily qualify as one of horror's many sub genres, but let's not waste time on that. Let's just get to it. So without further ado... here they are - my fourteen favorite films of the year

Best of 2014 - by Jarrett Furst

Behold, the last of the writers here at The Children of Samhain presents his fourteen favorite films of the past year in his BEST OF 2014 list. Enjoy. Jarrett Furst is a director, writer and producer who has loved films ever since he was young. He recently graduated from California Institute of the Arts and has been working in the film community since. Some of his favorite movies are Evil Dead (1981), Hellraiser (1987), and Oldboy (2003).

Best of 2014 - by Brad Blackwell

Behold, yet another contributor to The Children of Samhain presents his favorite films of the year in his BEST OF 2014 list. Brad Blackwell is 19 years old and has been writing for 7 years. He wrote, directed and produced two plays while in high school, and in 2014, he published the first of his horror novel series, The Curtain Call Chronicles. When he is not writing horror stories, he is working on his web-comic strip, Before & After.

Best of 2014 - by T.C. McKeever

Behold. Another of The Children of Samhain's contributors presents her BEST OF 2014 list. T.C Mckeever lives in Los Angles, and splits her time between reading, writing, and struggling to stay away at her hideous day-job. Enjoy.

Broken World News

Even horror fans need a good laugh once and a while, and this article from Sal Kingfisher at is absolutely hilarious... and should be right up your alley. Thanks to Sal for giving me permission to use this. Click on the picture for the article. Or click here. Enjoy. 

Music Review - Combichrist 'We Love You'

Check out The Children of Samhain's first ever music review, penned by guest contributor, Michael Penning (Pinup Dolls on Ice). "For the uninitiated, Combichrist is a wet dream for anyone who likes their dance music angry and evil. Blood. Guns. Sex. Death. It’s all here. Shoot it up with a healthy dose of horror and sci-fi samples, add some song titles like "Jack Torrence," and you've got enough here to bring a grin to the faces of many genre fans. The group's strong connection to cinema began in 2007 when their infectious single “Get Your Body Beat” was featured in the bio-punk sci-fi film, The Gene Generation. The movie? Decent. Discovering Combichrist? Worth the price of admission."

Movies We're Excited About - Among the Living

It's no secret that I enjoy some of the more extreme horror films, and one of the top three most disturbing films I have ever seen is À l'intérieur (Inside - 2007). And now the directing team of Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury bring us their third collaboration Aux Yeux Des Vivants (Among the Living - 2014). "Three kids who decide to skip school in order to explore an abandoned amusement park catch site of a woman being dragged through a field by a masked man." - IMDB. I don't even speak French and the trailer is still absolutely terrifying. I can't wait for this one. Check it out.

Event Coverage - Shockfest Film Festival of Hollywood

On January 10th and 11th, The Children of Samhain's Leo Francis was in attendance to take in as much indie-horror as one man can in 48 hours. He was there from the Opening Ceremonies to the Closing Ceremonies and Awards Gala hosted by Linda Blair.  He took in four feature length films and over fifteen short films and music videos. Highlights included feature films Truth or Dare and Pinup Dolls on Ice, music videos by We Are Ghosts and Sara Mayhem, and short films Seasick Sailor and The Girl at the Door. Full coverage here...

Our Christmas List - Top 5 Holiday Horror Films

What made my TOP 5 Horror movies for this Christmas season? You can look at the list here. It wasn't that hard, except that in order to make this list I had to sit through Silent Night, Bloody Night and P2. But I do it for you, so that you don't have to. Merry Christmas. Read more here. - TCOS

The Children of Samhain Presents - The Best of 2013

Founder, Leo Francis complies his list of the ten best things to happen to the horror genre in the past year. Cheers. Here's looking forward to 2014. - TCOS  Click on the picture or here...

Insidious 3 Gets a Release Date

Mega-successful indie franchise in the making, Insidious, will see the third film released on April 3, 2015. Writer Leigh Whannell will return to pen the film, but it is unclear if James Wan will return to direct. Though given his current schedule filming The Fast and the Furious 7 and his declaration that he was taking time off from the horror genre altogether make it highly doubtful. I was a big fan of the first two so I am looking forward to this one.  -TCOS

Paramount Announces Release Date for New Friday the 13th

Today, Paramount Pictures announced their plans to move forward with the Friday the 13th franchise by releasing a new film on March 13th, 2015. Warner Bros. recently returned the rights to Paramount, and early rumors are that they are developing it as a found footage film, much to my dismay. No word on whether of not Derek Mears will return as Jason. -TCOS