Movie Review - Woman in Black 2

Movie Review - The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death

I, like the majority of film buffs, do not enjoy sequels. Generally speaking, sequels rarely hold up to the original work and tend to rehash ideas from the source film by exploiting the cinematic features that made the film a success. For horror films, this usually translates into more blood, more boobs, more scary stuff, and hell, just toss a more special effects at it! Yes, there’s the occasional diamond in the rough (so to speak) that expands upon the original or in the least, introduces viewers to a new aspect of the storyline. However, it’s much more likely that a sequel will be 90 of the least entertaining minutes one can sit through.

I’m sad to report that The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death is no exception.

The Woman has returned and she is as judgmental as ever, this time she is haunting a young school teacher who is trying to protect her children from airstrikes during World War II. The children and their instructors flee London to a super spooky house in Crythin Gifford and find themselves at the mercy of The Woman.


Flimsy pretext aside, the main problem with this film is that there are no surprises left in this tale. The same haunting, same visuals, and even the same cheap scares are recycled for this lackluster sequel. This film also suffers by lacking the charm of the original cast to carry this mediocre storyline forward. The first tale was infinitely more interesting, as viewers journey down the proverbial rabbit hole with lead Daniel Radcliff to discover the mystery behind the vengeful revenant. In this film, we know what The Woman is and are subject to her supernaturally-nagging the protagonist for a decision made during her youth. Overall The Woman is less of a menacing presence and more like an over-bearing aunt berating children for being improper.

Visually, the film is pretty and the special effects are decent, but aesthetics weren’t enough to save this drab sequel. 

I surely hope they don’t decide to make this tired tale a trilogy. But if they do, might I suggest The Woman in Black 3: The Annoying.

Grade: D

- T.C. McKeever

T.C Mckeever lives in Los Angles, and splits her time between reading, writing, and struggling to stay away at her hideous day-job.