Movie Review - The Scarehouse

Movie Review - The Scarehouse

Writer-director Gavin Michael Booth and co-writer Sarah Booth's The Scarehouse, is an indie-horror revenge thriller that is equal parts Saw and Scream... and the balance between the two is what makes this movie so much god damn fun. The film is a sick and twisted ride through two girl's fantasy of retribution against those that have done them wrong in the past, and it's an absolutely brutal good time. With strong performances from the leading actresses and some absolutely cringe-inducing gore, The Scarehouse is definitely one to watch out for. I was lucky enough to get to see an advanced screening of the movie, but the film is set for an official US release date of January 13th on iTunes and VOD, and I highly recommend you check it out.

Corey Peters and Elaina Forrester were two normal college students who decided to pledge a sorority in a desperate attempt to fit in. But when a hazing prank goes terribly wrong, the two are sent off to prison. Years later, when the two are released, they decide to set up a Devil's Night haunted house in hopes to lure their old acquaintances. And when the sisters begin to arrive, the two set a plan in motion to extract vengeance on every one, but will they have the stomach to go through with it?

I would hate to ruin any of the many surprises the film has to offer, so I don't want to say anything else about the plot, but the twists and turns will constantly keep you guessing as to what will happen next. And though the movie has quite the sense of humor about itself, it is offset by the film's relentless violence. It is a combination that provides a ton of really great laughs and scares alike. The cast all clearly understand their roles, and absolutely nail their characters. The Sorority sisters are all fantastically bitchy and back-stabby, but none are as strong as the two lead actresses: Sarah Booth (Corey Peters) and Kimberly-Sue Murray (Elaina Forrester) are virtually seething with animosity from the first frame until nearly the end of the film. Their rage is palpable and the chemistry between the two is astounding. Although this could be considered an ensemble piece, the two stars really shine in their respective roles.

The multi-talented Gavin Michael Booth does an amazing job helming the ship here, and successfully navigates the waters of the genre without drifting into repetitive territory. It is an impressive feat, and the final twist at the end of the film is equally impressive. I was completely caught off-guard. This is a film that never reveals its' hand until all bets are on the table, and it makes for one that is constantly engaging. And considering this was produced on a limited budget, the movie looks amazing. If I had one small complaint about the film: I didn't love the soundtrack. I felt like there were just a few too many upbeat pop songs featured too prominently in the film and not enough of the sort of sinister ambient music that was used throughout the rest of the movie. I could have done without that, but really, that's just one small critique. All in all, The Scarehouse is definitely worth your time and attention. Look for its' release on iTunes and VOD in the States on Jan. 13th. Cheers!!

Grade: B+

- Leo Francis

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