Movie Review - The Bunnyman Massacre

Movie Review - The Bunnyman Massacre (2014)

Where do I begin with The Bunnyman Massacre? It is never my aim to insult the film makers who sink their blood, sweat and tears into creating a piece of cinema, especially a horror movie. But I also feel the need to be completely honest when reviewing a film, so here we are. The Bunnyman Massacre is one of the lazier horror films I have seen in my many years of viewing. Hell, even the title of the movie is a disaster. In 2011, writer / director Carl Lindbergh released Bunnyman, the first film in the series. But in 2012, the original film was re-released under the name, The Bunnyman Massacre. Fine. But now, in 2014, they release a second film and call that The Bunnyman Massacre too. I can't even comprehend the thinking behind making a decision like this, but that may be the least of the films problems. There were a few things worth mentioning, but overall I sincerely recommend you avoid this movie at all costs. 

The story is just several classic slasher movies rolled into one fairly unoriginal film. Bunnyman is a murderous psychopath, who hunts his victims with the help of his longtime companion, Joe, who then uses the bodies to make his famous beef jerky. After two girls are captured by Bunnyman and Joe, one of them makes a deal for their freedom. She agrees to bring Joe three female hikers that the they encountered earlier in the day in exchange for their release. After making good on her promise, the two desperately try to escape the madness, but Joe and Bunnyman have other ideas. 

As I said, there were definitely a few things worth mentioning in the film. The first of which is the opening scene. Holy shit. If I had to judge the film by the first three minutes of the movie, I would be raving about it. The opening of the movie is truly one of the most depraved openings in the history of horror films, involving the mass slaughter of young children on a school bus by a chainsaw wielding guy in a bunny costume. Sadly, the rest of the film is such a disappointment in comparison. The second thing worth mentioning is actress Heather Daley, who is insanely good as one of the kidnapped hikers, Robin. I really hope to see her in some better horror films in the near future. And lastly, the gore looked fantastic. A special shout out to the makeup and practical effects crew who did an outstanding job of giving the film the feel of an old school slasher. 

But that's where the compliments end,  There was little to nothing in the way of a plot, and the same goes for backstory. It really just falls apart after the first scene, but instead of harping on all of the things I disliked about this film I'll just say that I think the film makers had the best of intentions here, but they were unable to turn what is, at best, an idea for a short film into not one, but two feature length films. My opinion is to skip this one. But hey, maybe that's just me. Cheers. 

Grade: F

-Leo Francis