Movie Review - See No Evil 2

Movie Review - See No Evil 2

Here's a question: How do you make a sequel to a film that is universally panned by fans and critics, and somehow make it really good? The answer is simple: Jen and Sylvia Soska. That's right, the Twisted Twins have managed to achieve the impossible - taking a poorly executed, paint-by-number horror movie, and turning it into a really well made slasher flick in the style of the classics. Add Danielle Harris and Katherine Isabelle to the mix and you have got a film worthy of raving about. Hell, I even hate the killer's absolutely ridiculous name, Jacob Goodnight, less after watching See No Evil 2. That's how much fun it was. A far departure from their previous work, the Soska Sisters continue to show audiences that they're not just a one trick pony, and have so much to offer to the genre. If you're in the mood for a good old-fashioned slasher film, I highly recommend See No Evil 2. Even if you've never seen the original, you will not be sorry. 

See No Evil 2 picks up in the exact aftermath of the events of the first film. Amy (Danielle Harris) works at the city morgue. She is about to finish her shift before heading out to meet some friends to celebrate her birthday when they learn that the corpse of murderer, Jacob Goodnight, and some of his victims, are being delivered for autopsy. Amy decides to stay on and help with the heavy workload and forego her birthday plans. Determined to surprise the birthday girl, the group relocates the festivities to the morgue. But the party doesn't last long when the body of the brutal murderer disappears from a cold slab in the basement, and returns to resume his killing spree.

The entire cast does an excellent job, but Katherine Isabelle and Danielle Harris completely steal the film. Katherine Isabelle has become one of the most well-rounded women in horror - whether she's playing a step-mother that doesn't take shit from anyone (Torment), a med school student who becomes entrenched in the underground world of body modification (American Mary), or just an over-sexed twenty-something that is obsessed with serial killers (See No Evil 2) - she is pitch perfect every time. And Danielle Harris is royalty in the horror genre, having appeared in some of the most iconic franchises of all time (Halloween, Hatchet). Here she shows us why she has been working steadily for over two decades. She has an uncanny ability to say as much with her eyes as she does with her words. Even as a young girl, her ability to convey fear, anger, sadness, and every other emotion through a simple facial expression is without comparison. And this film is no exception.

Even though this film is a departure from the Soska's previous work, their stylistic touch can be seen throughout the movie. This may not be reinventing the slasher film, but it is certainly breathing new life into this particular series. A series that most likely would have stayed dead without the Twisted Twins bringing it back to life. The bottom line is, if you can leave your preconceived notions of the first film at the door and just sit back for ninety minutes of fun, I think this movie is worth your time. See No Evil 2 is currently available on DVD and VOD, so get out there and show the Soska Sisters your support. Cheers.

Grade: B

-Leo Francis