Movie Review - Deborah Logan

Movie Review - The Taking of Deborah Logan

The Taking of Deborah Logan, co-written by Gavin Heffernan and Adam Robitel, is a deeply depressing and truly depraved take on the POV documentary-style film. And while this is only one of countless other movies released using the same film making style, the subject matter is completely original. Pitting a modern day possession film against the backdrop of Alzheimers Disease makes for a profoundly saddening and effective film. Co-writer and director, Adam Robitel, does an amazing job of filling the movie with plenty of jump scares and some terrifying imagery. The Taking of Deborah Logan is refreshingly unique and I would recommend it to fans of the genre. The film is now available on iTunes and VOD.

Framed as a medical documentary about a woman's descent into the madness of Alzheimer's Disease, and her daughter's increasing inability to cope with the demands of acting as her mother's caretaker. But the film quickly deteriorates into insanity as Deborah's condition worsens and the family and camera crew begin to experience what seem like supernatural events. Which causes them to wonder if these events stem from her dementia or from some unseen malevolent force that has taken control of her body. 

As I mentioned before, the direction in the film is top notch. Robitel creates a sincerely harrowing portrayal of Deborah Logan's physical and mental degradation. And my hats off to him for using minimal CGI effects to create a seriously striking visual experience, that is at times genuinely disturbing. But the real backbone of the entire film is the powerful performance of leading actress, Jill Larson (Shutter Island), as Deborah Logan. She is a veritable tour de force. Her portrayal of the titular character is explosive, as she alternates between a frail old woman and a demonic force of nature. The supporting cast are spectacular as well, but do a good job of allowing the focus to center on Deborah. 

The films final act is absolutely insane, and the breakneck pace down the spiral will leave you reeling for breath. This film is definitely worthy of your time. Now, if you're one to throw up your hands in disgust at the thought of sitting through another POV style film, then maybe this one isn't for you. But if you can appreciate an original take on the genre, then I suggest you give this one a shot. Cheers. 

Grade: B

- Leo Francis

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