Movie Review - Come Back To Me

Movie Review - Come Back To Me

Let me start this review off by saying, my Netflix gave this movie a 2-star rating for me.  I figured, I had some work to do, clean up my house and have my morning coffee, might as well pop on a mediocre horror movie that sounded mildly amusing.  Once I put the film on (and when you see the first scene you'll understand why) I was almost immediately hooked. This film kept me wondering what the hell was going on for a while. I sat there thinking, 'I am a horror fanatic, why can I not get what is happening right now, where is this going??!!!' I kept coming up with different cliche scenarios the film could take but it kept deceiving me and causing me to second guess myself.  Finally, halfway through the movie, the big reveal of what the film was truly about left me with this huge smile on my face and I knew, I was finally seeing something that hasn't been done before.  This is a brilliant film, well written, well filmed and the lead villain is so damaged and creepy he leaves you with this unsettling feeling of sadness as the film comes to a close.  Now the end, which I wouldn't give away if you asked me thousands of times, took me by surprise and left me running to my computer to write this review.  If you are one of those people who loves horror movies, but hates low budget because you're so used to everything being high definition, remastered and looking like it belongs at your local movie theater, then this film isn't for you.  This is a horror film by a horror fan who you can tell, loved making this passion project, and I have a lot of respect for that being a filmmaker myself.

A short synopsis because this is something you should stop reading my review for and see immediately (available on VOD and on Netflix).  A newly wed woman and her husband are living in a suburban community on the outskirts of Vegas, where her husband works at a casino and she stays at home keeping everything together.  Suddenly a young man moves in across the street from them, and seems fascinated with the leading lady.  He begins helping deliver her groceries and checking up on her, making sure she's alright, while at the same time she's starting to have huge blackouts where she will end up in a different room of her house.  She starts noticing that little scars she's had for a while now are gone, and wakes up even a few times with blood on her, and no damages or injuries.  As she starts to investigate whats going on, she begins to figure out somethings not right with the boy across the street, only to reveal a horrifying secret.  That is where I will end this.

This film moved along so well, throwing in homages to old school horror with a brilliant twist throughout.  It kept you guessing up until it let you know what was going on, and for a low budget film, the camera work and the special effects were all top notch.  Once again, the leading antagonist Dale (Nathan Keyes) left me cringing every time he was on the screen.  I look forward to seeing what else he comes out with in the near future as he won me over with this role.  

Now, I was put off by the bad reviews before I watched this film, and I can already tell that a lot of people who will check this out will be turned away by the lackluster IMDB, meteoritic, and rotten tomatoes rating, but keep in mind: this is not a critic's movie but a horror fan's movie.  Make your own decision on this one, and don't listen to the haters. This is a hidden gem if I've ever found one and I hope that it gets the attention it truly deserves.  

Grade: A

- Jarrett Furst

Jarrett Furst is a director, writer and producer who has loved films ever since he was young. He recently graduated from California Institute of the Arts and has been working in the film community since. Some of his favorite movies are Evil Dead (1981), Hellraiser (1987), and Oldboy (2003).