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Interview with Gavin and Sarah Booth - The ScareHouse

I recently had the pleasure of viewing an advanced screening of The Scarehouse after I connected with the film makers behind the 2015 extreme indie-horror shocker. Here's what I had to say about it... "Writer-director Gavin Michael Booth and his wife, co-writer and lead actress Sarah Booth's The Scarehouse, is a revenge thriller that is equal parts Saw and Scream... and the balance between the two is what makes this movie so much god damn fun. The film is a sick and twisted ride through two girl's fantasy of retribution against those that have done them wrong in the past, and it's an absolutely brutal good time. With strong performances from the leading actresses and some absolutely cringe-inducing gore, The Scarehouse is definitely one to watch out for." You can read my full review here. So after loving the film I wanted to know more about it and the film makers behind it, and luckily for me Gavin and Sarah were not only kind enough to take the time to conduct an extremely in depth interview about the entire film making process, but they also provided me with some exclusive pictures and the first look at a brand new clip from the movie which you can see at the end of the interview. Thanks to Gavin and Sarah for taking the time to answer my questions, and please enjoy this exclusive interview from The Children of Samhain.

Interview with Sarah Brims (Caravan)

I was recently approached by Australian film maker Sarah Brims about helping spread the word about a Pozible campaign to raise money for a film that she wrote and is hoping to produce called, Caravan. She describes it as a home invasion film set entirely in a caravan, which sounds both intriguing and incredibly challenging. Although there is no trailer as of yet, the imagery alone that they have chosen to accompany their marketing is so bleak and unsettling I have high hoped that Sarah and the director, Nathan Lacey, will be able to deliver. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter and you can find their Pozible Page here. They aren't looking for that much money, so go check it out. In the meantime, here's my interview with writer-producer Sarah Brims

Interview with Steve Kassan (Wasted)

Recently a contest was brought to my attention where film makers would compete to win money to make a feature film, and one of the entries is a 'stoner zombie comedy' mash up that looks absolutely hilarious called Wasted. I wanted to know more about the film and the contest, so I spoke with Steve Kassan (Co-Producer / Actor) about the film and how fans could get involved. But as the voting process for this contest is already underway, let me get to it, my exclusive interview with Steve Kassan of Wasted

Pinup Dolls on Ice - The Interviews

If you've been keeping up with my site, then you've definitely heard me talking about a film I had the pleasure of seeing at The Shock Fest Film Festival, Pinup Dolls on Ice. The film, directed by Geoff Klein and Melissa Mira, plays out like a cross between a traditional slasher movie and a drunken night at Jumbo's Clown Room,  and it works like a charm. You can read my review here. The movie is bloody, sexy, violent, and above all, extremely fun. So I teamed with Geoff, Melissa and BGOI Films to bring you the most in depth series of interviews we could, including the writer, both directors, and six members of the cast. Cheers. 

VOL ONE: Michael Penning (Writer)                                  VOL TWO: Karine Kerr (Fiona)

VOL THREE: Jordan Mae Antoinette (Vivian)                   VOL FOUR: Kyla Shinkewski (Caylin)

VOL FIVE: Ashley Almon (Kristy)                                        VOL SIX: Geoff Klein (Director)

VOL SEVEN: Melissa Mira (Director / Malone)                  VOL EIGHT: William Jarand (Moe)

VOL NINE: Geoff and Melissa (Co-Directors)

Mac Carter - Haunt

2014 has been a pretty stellar year for horror so far, and IFC Midnight has been putting a ton of amazing indie films up on the big screen where they belong. Movies like The Den, Almost Human, and Mac Carter's horror film debut, Haunt. Mac was kind enough to agree to answer some of my questions in this exclusive interview for The Children of Samhain. A special thank you to Mac for taking the time out to do this. I appreciate it. Full interview here.

Zach Donohue - The Den

Leo Francis recently spoke to the director of the inventive take on the found footage style of film making, The Den. They spoke about re-inventing the found footage style, the decision to use practical effects instead of digital, and he shares his love for one of Leo Francis' personal favorite horror films of all time: Carnival of Souls. We highly recommend seeing The Den, and our suggestion if you can't see it in the theaters is to watch it on your laptop or desktop computer. Full interview here

Graham Skipper - Almost Human 

Leo Francis recently spoke with the star of Joe Begos' indie-horror masterpiece Almost Human, Graham Skipper, after meeting him at the opening in Hollywood a few weeks ago. Graham is an extremely talented actor and film maker and a true lover of the genre. They discuss indie-horror vs. big-budget studio films, growing up as a lover of horror films, and his upcoming film Space Clown. A special 'thank you' to Graham for taking the time to do this. Enjoy the full interview here...

Leo Francis' - The Truth or Dare Interviews

Leo Francis got to spend a little bit of time with some of the cast and crew of Truth or Dare at the Shockfest Film Festival of Hollywood. In case you haven't heard him rave about what an amazing film it is, you can read his full review here. Several members of the production were kind enough to answer some of his questions in a four part interview featuring Devanny Pinn (Actor), Ryan Kiser (Actor), Jonathan Scott Higgins (Writer / Producer), and Jessica Cameron (Director / Writer / Actor / Producer).

Part One with Devanny Pinn.                           Part Two with Ryan Kiser.          

Part Three with Jessica Cameron.                   Part Four with Jonathan Scott Higgins.

Sara Mayhem - Industrial Musician

Leo Francis recently spoke with artist Sara Mayhem at the Shockfest Film Festival of Hollywood after the premier of the video for her first single, Dominance. Sara is an amazing talent, and has overcome some serious obstacles. he asked her about about being born without eardrums, the first song she ever heard, and whether or not she is a badass. Full interview here...


Eric England - Writer and Director of Contracted

Leo Francis recently spoke with the creator of one of his favorite indie-horror movies of the last five years, about practical effects, Madison County 2, and internet trolls. Read the Children of Samhain's exclusive interview with Eric England, writer and director of the film Contracted, here...

Eulyn Womble - The Walking Dead


Leo Francis recently spoke with Eulyn Womble of the Walking Dead. Eulyn is the costume designer for the show. They talk about working with blood, the family atmosphere on the set, and her work on The Collection. Here it is - the amazing Eulyn Womble.