Interview - Jordan Mae Antoinette

The Children of Samhain Exclusive:

The Pinup Dolls on Ice Interviews - Part Three with Jordan Mae Antoinette (Vivian)

If you haven't heard me raving about Geoff Klein and Melissa Mira's sexy homage to the slasher genre, Pinup Dolls on Ice, then you've been living under a rock. And if you haven't been following my nine part series of interviews with the directors, cast and writer, then you've been missing out. After I gave the film a stellar review (that you can read here) in which I describe the film as 'A cross between a traditional slasher movie and a drunken night at Jumbo's Clown Room… that works like a charm.' I jumped at the chance to speak with the people behind making such a brutal old school slasher. I would like to personally thank each and everyone who took the time to answer my questions. First we featured writer Michael Penning in Part One. Last week we featured Karine Kerr in Part Two. And here is The Children of Samhain's Pinup Dolls On Ice Interviews: Part Three with Jordan Mae Antoinette (Vivian).

Leo Francis: Without a doubt, one of the highlights of this film is your 'bubble bath' performance? Extremely fun and extremely sexy. How long did it take to film that, or how many times did you have to perform it in its' entirety? Was that something that you choreographed or was it choreographed by someone else?

Jordan Mae Antoinette: Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Leading up to my burlesque "bubble bath" scene I was super nervous and didn't really know what to expect. I must have listened to the song one hundred times that day on my iPod. I spent maybe a half an hour on set in the afternoon the day we shot it choreographing the scene myself because I had to work with the bathtub and the lay out of the stage. I kind of just set where I was going to be at certain points in the song and talked to Geoff about the specific crowd interaction he wanted. Other than that when it was time to shoot it was a lot of improv. We shot the scene right before our wrap party so the energy in the room was really fun. Melissa and Geoff definitely slipped me a couple shots to loosen up. I think we shot it two or three times, which took a few hours. It was an interesting feeling waiting for Geoff to say action as I had my back turned to a group of tipsy men wearing only a diamond thong .

LF: Many moons ago I lived with a burlesque type performer, so I have seen my share of burlesque over the years, and all of it looked absolutely amazing and completely authentic. Whose influence is that? Do any or all of you have a background as burlesque performers and if not, did you have to train for the role? 

JMA: That’s funny because my main influence for starting to do burlesque was a girl I used to live with. She did a lot of fetish modeling and some burlesque on the side. She introduced me to the Montreal burlesque / fetish scene and I instantly felt connected. I was a dancer for thirteen years growing up so burlesque came somewhat naturally to me. I had been missing that sort of creative outlet in my life so I decided to do a couple of shows with the Blood Ballet Cabaret and was involved in the Montreal Burlesque Festival. That was basically my training for the film. I know a lot of the other girls have theatre and dance training but I don’t think any of them have explored burlesque.

LF: What drew you to doing the film, did you have a previous connection with Geoff and Melissa?

JMA: At the time of the auditions I was working at Le Belmont which was the venue for Blood Ballet Cabaret and was confronted by my manager who had heard about Pin Up Dolls on Ice. I had just done a couple of pin up photo shoots and some burlesque and he knew I wanted to start acting seriously so he thought it would be a great way for me to get started. He was right. He hooked me up with their contact to land the casting and the moment I walked into the audition room I felt extremely comfortable and loved both Geoff and Melissa’s energy.

LF: Were you always a fan of the horror genre? If so what was the film that got you hooked? 

JMA: I was dating a guy in high school that was obsessed with Rob Zombie films, at first I wasn’t that into him then I saw House of 1000 Corpses and was hooked. I think I fell in love with Sheri Moon's sexy girly freak of a character. Horror rules.

LF: Indeed. The female roles all seemed to be pretty physically demanding, having to run in heels and perform in elaborate fight scenes with Moe, not to mention most of the cast end up literally 'on ice' and wearing very little clothing at some point in the film. Was it difficult physically shooting those scenes? Did any of you perform your own stunts or were there stunt performers? Did anyone sustain any 'battle scars' while filming?

JMA: Luckily the Ice was plastic haha, but shooting outdoor scenes wearing a bra and little underwear wasn’t easy. My death scene was shot outside in a park. It was pretty cold and the bugs were eating me alive. I think I had fifty mosquito bites and I had bruises all over my body from falling and crawling on wood chips and rocks. Running away from a giant man holding an axe whilst wearing heels is not an easy task. Though I must say I think I had it a lot easier than the other girls, I wasn’t on set for Ashley’s water scene but I heard it was pretty intense. No pain no gain right?

LF: Was it fun getting to get into the makeup on and get bloody?

JMA: Getting my hair and make up done every day on set was lovely. What girl doesn’t enjoy getting glammed up? I did really enjoy the blood, having my lip glued up and blood poured all over me was a lot of fun. The make up artists mixed the blood with Nesquick so having it in my mouth wasn't as brutal as it could have been. I felt like Count Chocula.

LF: You've made a few guest appearances on television, and you also work as a model. What are you working on right now? 

JMA: I moved to Toronto from Montreal a year ago to further my acting career so I’m currently just working on building myself as an actress here. I signed with an agency as soon as I moved here but they didn’t help me at all, broken promises I suppose. I just left that contract and am currently looking for new representation. I still have my lovely agent in Montreal so I’ve been traveling there as much as possible, auditioning as much as I can, trying to book as much work as I can… working towards booking that one magical role. I’ve also been working towards getting my yoga certification. That has always been a side passion of mine.

LF: What scares you? We're all scared of war and disease and things like that. But when it comes to horror films, what genuinely scares you? 

JMA: I’ve always been scared of Aliens. I know that’s more Sci-fi horror but my brother forced me to watch Alien at a really young age and I was terrified from that point on. It’s actually quite weird because I have a love/hate relationship with them. I’m both terrified and intrigued by getting abducted.

LF: Aliens is a favorite of mine as well. Name a film you walked out of at the theater.

JMA: I walked out of Frozen. I thought it was gonna be a cute/funny animated Disney film and it ended up being a musical. I wasn’t in the mood.

LF: If you could punch one person in the face, who would it be? 

JMA: If I could punch anyone in the face it would be probably be Nancy Grace. That woman rubs me the wrong way. Her, or any bully. I hate bullies.

LF: Has anyone ever made you feel 'star-struck'?

JMA: I worked at the Just For Laughs Gala interviewing comedians backstage last summer and got the chance to talk to some really amazing influential comedians such as Sarah Silverman, Kathy Griffin, Dane cook, Joan Rivers, Jay Baruchel and many more. I had no problem chatting to any of them …  wasn't that start struck feeling at all ...up until Laurence Fishburne walked back stage just to watch the show. I was at a loss for words …  was so nervous around him I turned into such a nerd. I kept telling myself be cool be cool it's only Morpheus, I’m a huge Matrix fan so that was pretty insane.

LF: What's your favorite horror film of all time and / or the scariest movie you've ever seen?

JMA: I think my favorite/scariest horror film of all time would have to be House of 1000 Corpses. I mentioned before that I love Sheri Moon, her role as baby was so good.

LF: Thanks so much for taking the time. Cheers.


- Leo Francis