Interview - Familiar

Leo Francis' interview with Richard Powell and Zach Green (writer-director and producer of the short film Familiar)

If I am being honest, when I was approached by producer Zach Green about the film Familiar, I was under the impression that it was feature length... and after seeing Richard Powell's twenty-four minute body-horror shock fest, I really wish that it was. I was completely caught off guard by the sheer insanity of the visual narrative, and thoroughly impressed with the makeup and effects department. In fact I was so intrigues by the film, I decided to do a short interview with the writer-director and producer to find out if there were plans to turn this into a full length movie and if so, when the might be happening. The film combines the over-the-top blood and guts of Tom Savini with the twisted story-telling of David Cronenberg, and the film isn't even half an hour long. It is the story of a man whose repressed anger begins to cause a harrowing physical transformation, although he later starts to suspect that the negative voice inside his head might belong to someone other than himself. To call it 'action-packed' would be an understatement, and to call the film anything less than 'disturbing' would be the same. If you love the sick and twisted, served up with a heaping amount of gore, than this one is a must-see. So, here is my interview with producer Zach Green and writer-director Richard Powell. Cheers.